About Us

Bishop Knight Consulting Engineers Inc. is a multi-disciplinary, full-service engineering company. We provide both local and international valued engineering solutions to utilities, industrial and commercial facilities, mining, oil & gas, and government agencies. Our dedicated team of engineers, project managers, and on-call services partners are always committed to solve our clients’ engineering needs. The added values we provided to our clients, coupled with the diverse nature of the services we offer makes us different and sets us apart from other consulting companies through the brilliant solutions we create. We strive to be your engineering solutions first choice through our valued engineering approached. Our guiding principles and core values are to aim higher through engagements and respectful collaborations and harmonious relationships with our clients by listening, understanding our clients’ concerns, and helping them make the best design solutions for their power system needs. We are committed to performing excellent and fine engineering work and investing in our clients’ successes through respectful collaborations, innovators of new ideas, doing good work, and upholding the values of honesty and critical responsibility of safe and sustainable engineering design principles.

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Are you an engineering firm or a small business owner, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), vendors or contractor?
Are you a prime contractor or subcontractor?
We can collaborate and partner with you on your next project. Our experienced and dedicated project managers and engineers bring a brilliant and excellent perspective into all of our team partnerships that make all our partners look good and very strong.

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